Your Marketing is NOT Selling.

As a result, you find that:

★ It is hard to attract new customers.

★ You have difficulty scaling up because you are unable to reach a national or global audience. You have reached a plateau.

★ You are embarrassed to show your website because it is poorly written and executed.

★ You don’t know what to talk about in your social platforms.

★ You are put into the same category as other similar businesses but you are very different.

★ Your messages don’t clearly articulate your unique value.

You have a CLARITY problem.

In such noisy world, you cannot afford not being heard. How much is being invisible costing you? How many potential customers can’t see or hear you? How many hot leads are passing up your consulting? Can your prospects understand why they need your product or service? Is your marketing actually doing anything?

If you struggle to explain what you do in a few words and create marketing which is engaging and connects you with people, you haven’t got a story that grasps and draws attention to your business. You are just another business in the big sea of digital communications.


What if your business told a great story?

You would agree with me that stories connect and sell. Why? Because stories awaken our curiosity and make us remember. They help us understand our environment and personal experience. So they are everywhere – in books, films, news, advertising, internet. All our conversations are full of real life stories that have left a memory, a mark.

So for your future clients and customers, stories are what makes them connect and want what you offer.

You can leverage Brand Storytelling and use it as a strategic Marketing tool to maximise your business’s visibility, profit, and impact.

Here is how it works:


THAT'S the difference a story can make.


To help you articulate your story, I follow a simple and effective process:


I work with business leaders who want to become distinctive from other similar businesses, enchant their audience, create a captivating brand that sells, and scale up.

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Consultancy Services

Telling an attractive and compelling story is essential for your business to grow and attract your desired customers. It captures your personality, sets you apart from your competitors and fuels your marketing activity to achieve the results you want. I offer:


One-To-One Consultancy

My storytelling and marketing consultancy services are designed to put your business in the spotlight, so it becomes THE destination for your perfect customers.

Through a thorough process, we work together to unveil your unique brand story. I will show you the techniques of how to use emotional storytelling to become the rational choice for your customers and a trusted name in your field.

You’ll learn how you can turn your marketing into a captivating love story, with a content strategy which supports your growth and help you achieve your commercial goals.


creative workshops

Do you feel overwhelmed when trying to find new customers? Wouldn’t it be nice if they found you? What’s more, wouldn’t it be amazing if you became their rational choice?

Come and join me in one of my creative workshops to discover the secret to tell a story which connects you with your desired customers and turn your business into their number ONE choice.

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Creative Writing

Do you need a helping hand generating captivating marketing content? Not sure how to tell a compelling story that enchants your customers?

Little Red Writing Agency is the hub of an incredible team of writers and offers copywriting services for those wanting to free themselves from the burden of writing and are looking for help to write their marketing content.

We write blog posts, articles, marketing brochures, websites, reports and social media content.


Imagine ✶ Believe ✶ Create

I would, without question, recommend Isabel! Our session with her was truly inspirational! She was able to take our thoughts and ideas to create our brand story, mission and values that really reflect who we are and what we do! She goes above and beyond for her clients and always happy to help!
— Zoe Lidster, Harwood HR Solutions
I would definitely recommend working with Isabel if you are looking to improve your business branding, content, website and overall business growth. She is so inspiring and makes you feel excited and motivated about your project along with giving you great ideas and a structured plan. She really knows her stuff when it comes to branding and content marketing along with all the complicated IT bits! She is a great listener as well as advisor and I now feel I have a clear path in place to achieve my goals.
— Paige Scurfield, Willow Cottage Beauty Cabin

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