The Art of Storytelling

The way we do business is changing. Companies, today, are more than the product or service they offer. They’ve become a destination, attracting customers who share their aesthetics and vision, and seek inspiration and genuine value.

Your company’s brand is the magical blend of your ethos, your mission, your vision and your exceptional skill. Communicating this blend with clarity and through content that inspires, educates and adds value is an art, and like any other art, creates a powerful relationship with a defined audience.

This is the art of storytelling.

You can turn your company Brand into the next Best Seller by using the same Storytelling Techniques as those used in fairy tales, traditional folk literature, novels and even films to engage with your audience. Storytelling is the MOST effective marketing tool because it connects people at an emotional level, creating trust, visibility and ultimately growth.

Your company’s story is the ELIXIR that seduces and connects you emotionally with your perfect customers. Getting your story right sets up you apart from your competitors and makes your business stand out, driving your customers to you. As a result, it not only boosts your sales, but also turns you into a trusted name in your field.

Ready to become THE brand of choice for your customers?

My Consultancy Packages are designed exactly for that. Choose from:


Get Moving: Zoom Call

Available via Zoom for national and international clients, this one-hour call is designed to give you guidance on an area you may be feeling stuck and in need of advice to get you moving.

Choose from the list below, the topic you would like to focus on:

  • How to define your unique value and turn it into an irresistible story.

  • How to connect emotionally and attract your desired customers.

  • How to create compelling content to boost your sales.

  • How to stand out from your competitors.

  • How to create highly engagement posts.

  • How to make your marketing more effective and less time-consuming.

After the session, you’ll know how to move forward with this area in your business.

I follow up with an email summarising our conversation and suggested next steps.

Investment: £90.00

You can book this service by clicking in the buy now button. Alternative times can be offered, get in touch here.


Up Your Game: 1-2-1 Coaching

Looking to boost your sales? Want to turn your prospects into regular customers?

In my 1-2-1 coaching sessions, we work together to brainstorm and design a strategy that makes your marketing more effective and less time-consuming, secures you more customers and moves you closer to your commercial goals.

It is a half-day coaching session, where we focus on the following areas:

  • Who your perfect customers are and how to engage and develop a trustful relationship with them.

  • What your unique space in the market is and how to stand out from your competitors.

  • How to articulate your value to make it irresistible to your audience.

  • What marketing channels are right for you.

  • Setting up clear goals for the next three months.

You’ll leave inspired and with a clear strategy to communicate your unique value to not only attract but convert leads into customers.

I’ll give you some some practical tips for creating more effective marketing content to boost your sales. I’ll also support via email for seven days, should you have any follow-up questions.

Investment: £375.00

Covering: Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, The Cotswolds, Berkshire and London.

To arrange a date or find out more, please contact me here.


The Authority Programme: Be your customer’s ONE choice

If you’re looking for a very comprehensive programme to:

  • create a unique offering which sets you apart in your field of expertise;

  • make your desired customers see you as the perfect fit for them;

  • reach a wider / different audience;

  • boost your sales and move you closer to your commercial goals;

  • improve your marketing.

I have the perfect solution for you.

The Authority Programme is designed to:

  • provide you with the foundation to build a trusted and recognisable name within your field;

  • translate your value into an irresistible story that connects, compels and converts your desired into regular customers;

  • unveil the place you own in the market to stand out from competition;

  • give you a set of tools to create compelling content;

  • create effective and less time-consuming marketing communications.

By the end of the programme, you will leave with these game-changing outcomes:

  • How to tell YOUR story to create a long-lasting relationship with your perfect clients.

  • How to effectively use your marketing to increase your sales.

  • How to adapt your story to accommodate new services or scale-up.

  • How to sell your value so that your customers don’t care about the price tag.

Together, we will go through everything you need to build your brand and position it effectively so you become THE ONLY rational choice for your ideal customers.

Investment: £2,500.00

Most of my clients make that back in 3 months give or take, as long as they proactively market their business on the best-suited platforms, on a consistent basis.

If you are looking to grow your business and become THE destination in your area of expertise, I encourage you get in touch. I offer a FREE 20-minute consultation.

I can highly recommend Isabel! There has never been a better time to launch and market a new business however you need to do your research, identify exactly what you want to sell, why your product should be considered (your USP) and who you want to sell it to. You can’t start this process without nailing down your brand. This may sound like a large company issue but it’s crucial to get this right at start up. It will save you a fortune in wasted marketing spend and your time!
— Duncan Turner, CEO, Harwood HR Solutions
If you are looking for help with branding and marketing content I can highly recommend Isabel at Little Red Writing Agency. She has helped me work through those tough questions about who your customers are, what are your brand values, what is your brand’s personality — all the stuff that sounds easy but actually really isn’t. She is incredibly easy to work with and totally inspiring and energising.
— Claire Morris, The College Farm

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