5 reasons why you should be producing podcasts for your business

ben kolde at unsplash

ben kolde at unsplash

2018 saw the rise of the podcast, becoming a highly popular way to share content with mainstream audiences and companies worldwide. As stated by the BBC, 2018 was the year of the ‘podcast boom’. So if your brand is not producing them yet, you are missing out on this trendy content format.

Ofcom released some interesting findings last September coinciding with International Podcast Day, where they stated that there were nearly six million people in the UK, tuning in to podcasts each week at the time.

Acast, known as Home to the World’s Best podcasts, points out in their Intelligence Report:

  • The majority of podcast users are Millennials, aged between 16 and 34

  • 27% of this audience listens to them once a week

  • On average, they spend more than 3.6 hours per week immersed in this activity

And this is just the beginning. It is only a matter of time for the love of the podcast format to spread to other demographic groups, who would soon discover the reaching and engaging power of audio content.

So, what is so appealing about podcasts?

  1. Versatility. There is a podcast for everyone. No matter the topic, no matter the length of audio, you are bound to find whatever you are looking for. From purely entertaining content, such as comedies, thrillers, reality shows to business-related topics focusing on educational and inspirational information, you have access to almost everything in audio format. With this increasing love for audio, you have a great platform to create relevant content for your audience, positioning you as an expert and driving interest to your business.

  2. Mobility. The beauty about podcasts is that you can enjoy them while in the move. You can easily fit them within your busy schedule and listen to them during your commute, while working out, or even when tidying up your house. You just need a good 4G signal or Wifi and pair of headphones. This means your customers can tune in to your content from almost anywhere at anytime, making your information easily accessible.

  3. Bond. Podcasts create an instant connection with your customers. A podcast containing valuable content as well as inspirational advice will place you in your listener’s heart. Your voice brings out your personality and enthusiasm for what you do, creating a more personal bond with a listener than a video or written article. Showing your passion in audio format can make some professional fields, such as law or accountancy, more engaging and digestible for your customers.

  4. Clarity. Podcasts present information in bite-sized chunks, enabling you to absorb the topic that is being presented quickly. We all know that lengthy articles take time to read and if we are not paying them full attention, we may not grip the main messages easily. If you haven’t got a lot of time to write long posts, invest in a copywriter and prefer the idea of creating a simple list of bullets that you can share with your customers, then the podcast is a fast and inexpensive way to do this.

  5. Relaxation. Most podcasts’s users listen to them in their free time, as a way to unwind and disconnect from their daily demands. Your listeners will engross themselves in whatever message you are sharing, engaged by its entertaining narrative. For this reason, podcasts’s content must be full of useful advice, have an enjoyable or deeply inspirational tone, and never act as an advertisement. When creating them, be playful and focus on communicating your areas of expertise with charm and personality.

What type of podcasts should you be creating for your business?

Podcasts are simply blog posts presented in audio format, so use the same style you use when writing your content. The three most-adopted formats among businesses are:

  1. Interviews. There is nothing more engaging than an interesting conversation between two people in a topic we are curious or want to know more about. Invite a client, work colleague or industry expert and ask them about topics you know will be of interest to your customers. Keep the conversation focused on the subject and ensure your questions will prompt valuable answers.

  2. Educational ‘how tos’. This is where you provide valuable information to your customers in the format of the ‘how to...’ The purpose of this format is to teach and provide valuable tips to your listeners. If you are an accountant, for example, you can create a podcast on how to save money on your tax return, where in simple bullets, you list the different options your customers should consider.

  3. Inspirational ‘best ways’. Another way you can provide uplifting content is by sharing your best ways of achieving something. For example, if you are a personal coach, you may create a podcast on 5 best ways to shift your mindset.

Whatever the subject, make sure you keep your tone friendly and positive, so your customers feel empowered and rewarded after listening to it, and above all, dedicating you their free time.

And yes, I am certainly embracing the love of audio and planning to create my new podcast series. They are COMING SOON....

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