The blank page

© Noam Wind

© Noam Wind

There is an inexplicable power in a blank page. In paper or on the screen, its bright emptiness stares at us with a mocking smile, challenging our imagination for what is to hold.

With a little indecision, our fingers rest on the keyboard, while our mind wanders the realm of thought, searching for the perfect heading, that catchy phrase or line that will impress the reader’s heart and bring us results.

Today I have come to love the blank page. I like words. I like telling stories. I simply like writing my heart out.

A good story requires research. When working on a new narrative, business-related or fiction, I’d say I spend fifty per cent of my time researching and the other fifty, writing.

The other day, I came across some of the best blogs on beauty I’ve read in an insurance website. That’s right, insurance. The company specialises in insurance for the beauty industry: spas, hair, nail, tanning salons... you name it, and their website covers not only the different types of policy and provision of quotes, but also offers an interesting and up-to-date blog on all the latest beauty trends. I landed on their page when looking for information on Korean beauty — I wasn’t seeking an insurance — and I stayed there for a good hour.

A well-executed blog is one of the most efficient tools to drive traffic to your website. It can truly work miracles.

Unfortunately, blogs are quite frequently used ineffectually, what results in lack of results.

The majority of businesses I deal with have a blog, however, on most cases it does not perform as a blog. It does many other jobs. It is used for announcements, job advertisements, on and off news, third-party, borrowed information, which leads to promote that third-party instead, and more often than not, is out of date.

This doesn’t surprise me as it is the sort of job that gets assigned to the office, business development or marketing manager. Of course, people in these positions are perfectly capable of writing a good blog but they also have a million of other jobs to do with more pressing deadlines.

Investing in a professional writer to help you articulate your business values and services and keep your content fresh, is probably one of the smartest moves you’d ever do.

All companies, including yours, have a voice. A voice that is as distinctive as our DNA. A signature as memorable as a bespoke perfume.

Times are rapidly changing, and with Brexit knocking on our doors, we find ourselves once more engulfed in pragmatic caution. So we tighten our budgets. And sadly, the marketing budget is the first one to get squeezed.

Next time you are trying to cut corners and think of halving your marketing, think again. You wouldn’t go to work or attend a meeting half dressed or in old clothes. You want to look professional, your best. Your brand is your company’s image and as such, it requires regular grooming. Keep it clean, keep it modern, keep it relevant and watch it conquer the soul of its audience.